New E-book versions of 2 karezza books

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The Karezza Method (French title)A forum member has created new English versions of both Karezza: Ethics of Marriage by Stockham and The Karezza Method by Lloyd. They can be found here: FREE sacred sex classics. Well worth reading. Enjoy!

[Note: This image is the cover of the French translation, which, unfortunately, is not available through this site.]




Editing these i got to reread them, and got much more out of it than the first read. The old English takes a bit of digesting.

A recurring theme in the books is how we can turn our sexual energy into creativity.

Work your passion up into poetry. (p16)

Say quickly, “What new work is before me? I am a creator. What shall I create?” (p17)

This [procreative] element when retained in the system may be coined into new thoughts, perhaps new inventions, grand conceptions of the true, the beautiful, the useful; or into fresh emotions of joy and impulses, of kindness and blessing to all around. This, in fact, is but another department of procreation. It is the procreation of thoughts, ideas, feelings of good will, intuitions of truth--that is, it is procreation on the mental and spiritual planes, instead of physical. (p100) - Stockham, E2

Please let me know (PM) if theres any conversion errors or issues with the ebooks on any particular device. Ive only tested them on kindle.

Did you OCR the scans and

Did you OCR the scans and then clean them up?

Thanks as so many use ebooks today.

Can these be contributed to library databases? I'm not sure what the process is for that. Libraries can be one way in that they must acquire books. A bidirectional system might work better.


Hey freedom, where an adequate OCR existed i started from that, however i did some afresh if they benefited from a bit of a clean up first. Worked in html, before conversion to epub using Calibre. There's easier ways....

The holds a large and growing collection of old books being scanned including googles efforts.
Once the copy has settled for a bit, we should try to back port these books to the archive. There are other online libraries too i guess, whether they will pick them up via the archive i couldnt say.

How nice!

Thank you, Treehouse! I'm so not savvy about techie things~~so will these load onto a Kindle or do you download them onto your computer and then onto your Kindle if you want to read them that way? (sorry for my dumb question!)


Someone in the younger generation may better answer this, but heres some options AFAIK:

A. Depending on how reuniting's server is set up, the kindle /might/ be able to download the mobi directly using its in built web browser. I havent tried it.

B. If you have a kindle account with amazon, you can apparently download the mobi and email it to your kindle account email address. Ditto.

C. When all else fails. Download the .mobi version, and plug the kindle into your pc using a usb cable. Then either:

1. open: My Computer | Kindle (E:*) | documents [*E or nearby drive letter]
2. copy the mobi into that folder
3. eject the kindle using the little green icon near the clock


1. Get a copy of Calibre or similar ebook management program (free)
2. Add the mobi to your calibre local collection
3. plug in kindle and click send to device.

Mac and other OS folk will have to translate these instructions to suit. But you get the gist hopefully.