Ode to Sex

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puzzled lover-Don't let porn be a study guide. RL sex isn't porn.

'Is something wrong?' she pondered, shy,
To hear a deep, despondent sigh
Beside her tossed and tussled bed -
He cleared his throat, and bashful, said:

'It's just, in all the films I've seen
A session starts, and in between,
There's ten positions - maybe more -
With countless cries and gasps galore.

In all the films, they're round and round,
And up and down with endless sound
Of pleasure-filled expectant glee,'
He said... 'or so it seems to me.'

With crooked smile, she raised a hand -
'Okay,' she said, 'I understand.
The problem's this - it's not complex -
This isn't porn,' she said - 'it's sex.'

--forum member on Reddit