Orgasm vs. Performance (short video talk)

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This guy made an interesting experiment by cutting (way) back on ejaculating. He hasn't explored karezza yet, but it sounds like one of the guys who asked a question of him may have.



Really good

Thanks. Really enjoyed this. Nic that this is getting more thoughtful exposure.

This is a totally clinical view of the process of sex without ejaculation. It is not Karezza. He misses describing what to me are the most important benefits of this mode of sex, which is the deep feelings for one's partner and the love that one feels. I wonder why he skipped this part?

Perhaps because

he hasn't experienced that, or didn't recognize it as an important change. Also, his wife is still orgasming, so he may not be experiencing all that much blissful harmony. Biggrin

No idea

Just a camera error, I guess. First I thought it was for discretion, but apparently he's willing media fodder, so that's not it.

Glad and sad

I'm glad to see another man point the way to a different approach to sexual coupling but a bit sad, or I should say disappointed, that his main focus was how it improved his masculine game and made him more attractive to the opposite sex. Where's the recognition of the sacred potential it would create between him and his wife. The deeper honoring of her feminine beauty. Oh well, at least its a step in the right direction even if it does improve his golf swing or some other sports or business advantage.

I figure

everyone comes to this information via a different pathway. All roads may lead to Rome, but they don't start there.Yes 3

In my experience, the practice itself shifts perception and a sense of direction tends to develop naturally.