"Post-Sex Blues: Why You Get Sad After Sex "

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This article is not insightful, but at least someone is starting to try to look at the issue. Prause's comments, as usual, make no sense at all.


my favorite is

April Masini, relationship expert and author, believes post-sex blues could be the result of a realization that the relationship may not be going anywhere beyond the bedroom.

"Many times people (usually women) try to leverage sex into love. They get caught up in the whirlwind and in the morning, realize there’s no 'I love you,' or 'I have to see you tonight,' uttered," she told Medical Dail


that's a good one!

This is why we need more research

As has been seen time and time again, the relationship between cause and effect is often hard to understand and even harder to prove. In the absence of "factual data", people will make up all kinds of things. That's what's so fascinating about our "Karezza experiment" because, although not exactly scientific, there are enough observations reported here to make the correlation crystal clear. So we've established cause and effect. What we haven't done is been able to convince and/or prove it to other people who aren't already interested in and open to the idea. That's what science does.

With all the myriad things that get attention from researchers, you would think there would be more interest in studying sex, orgasm, and their connection to marital satisfaction (or dissatisfaction). I would also think the Belgians would want to lead the charge since their divorce rate is highest in the world at 71%! See this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Divorce_demography. Can you imagine that? Going into a marriage knowing that most likely, it's not going to work. What a bummer! And out of the remaining 29%, how many of them want to get divorced but are just too lazy or stubborn to do it?

All I know is, I feel very lucky indeed...

*gulp* I lived in Belgium for a few years

At that time, Belgian couples were pumping out an average of 4 kids each...and complaining that no one could drive on the Brussels Ring Road. Unknw

Yes, it's frustrating that science leaves the study of human sexuality to those with blinding agendas. Not sure what can be done. In the last decade or so, I've learned that the sexologists staked out their turff decades ago and successfully shame any new perspectives or insights that they think don't serve their agenda. That would have been fine had they really understood human sexuality, how plastic it is in the face of supernormal stimulation, how healthful pair bonds are, and how endless novelty can interfere with pair bonds - as starters. But they didn't and still don't. *grumble, mumble*

But speaking of Belgium, here's a fascinating interview from the UK about a Belgian named Fabian: https://www.audible.com/socialshare?id=5bf7b538-40f4-4d91-93b4-f2c0053d6... The show is "The Butterfly Effect." The interviewer is extremely sharp.