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A brave woman explains the karezza concept to some unruly DJs:

Part 1

Part 2



Camping out

Not so much an interview, as each person (I counted five) trying to get a word in edgeways; but I thought it was a sweet conversation, with everyone sounding genuinely intrigued.

I burst out laughing at one guy's summing up, though:

"If you do get to the mountaintop, you get to camp longer."

I've barely listened to

I've barely listened to Howard Stern, but I did notice some similarity. It might have been his style which naturally or intentionally mimics Stern's. Sophie didn't get to finish many thoughts. Maybe the hosts were too excited.  Not many women which seems common with anything sexuality related where men will be present. About a dozen people is decent attendance for this type of Meetup in a smaller city such as Austin. Many Meetups get less people than that and eventually shut down because too few are showing up. The ones that tend to to well often have a following from sources other than Meetup. Wouldn't it be if you don't get to the mountaintop, you get to camp longer?

Its a pity

Its a pity she appears not to have read CPA. In the 80s i tried to get into tantra, looking for that holy grail, valley orgasm. Even did some workshops. But it never took for me back then. Maybe i wasnt ready who knows, but now 30 years later the science in CPA has done it for me. I suggest she forgets the holy grail and treat it like a super cuddle and you are good to go.


I think she has read it

I suspect she was just trying to find some shorthand explanations to help the DJ "meatheads" get the concept. (Actually, I thought all the guys were cute, and even somewhat insightful...although I resented the one who tried to analyze her.)

I haven't done karezza so

I don't know the difference between a valley orgasm and the state that karezza people describe.  I thought they were one and the same.

Also, I don't have a partner, so I can't really do anything either way.


It was really rather rude of me to talk of you as 'some one', when you are a resident around here!
I put it down to some really horrid and wild rebooting swings again this week. Sorry for that.

> Also, I don't have a partner, so I can't really do anything either way.

Im no more experienced. We've been playing with it for a few weeks, but really only had our first real karezza experience this morning. Wow. Another whole world. Stillness, i didnt get it before.

And i applaud your creativity and get up and go. May only good things come your way.

Wisdom doesn't come with age

I thought these guys seemed very friendly :) Only thing that doesn't gel with me is that I'm sure there's 20-something males out there who would love to have a Karezza partner. Heck, I'm 26 and actively practicing :)

And you know what first introduced me to the concept of Karezza? An 18-year old on the nofap forums who said he wanted to try!

I'll do it tomorrow

After all I have only known my girlfriend for maybe four weeks to a month and I'll be seeing her again today. It's just that this bonding stuff makes it feel like we're like soul mates who have been with each other forever :) I've got some "learning" to do before I can start doing the teaching, I feel, even though I think I know where this leads ^_^

Great show!

Congratulations for hanging in there with the Radio show hosts and putting yourself out to the public. I was impressed with your ability to stay on track when the conversation was all over the map! I enjoyed it very much and got a chuckle several times.

The only piece that bothered me was when the main host said that you wouldn't have time for this when you have kids. Who knows? Maybe you won't want to have kids. Maybe the kids will be so happy because their parents are happy that they won't be half the work of "normal" kids... I thought it was presumptuous of him to comment that way. He doesn't know. He hasn't experienced it.... Just my two cents.

Congratulations on the show. I hope you find the person you need to explore Karezza more deeply.



These forums are such a

These forums are such a treasure trove. I keep finding new and interesting threads and when I want to respond I always find out it's long out of date.

Somehow it feels like this place should be so much more active. Millions of people should be on here. Billions!


this forum is waiting for another wave of energy at the moment. Gary and I have been preoccupied for several years with YBOP-related matters. We finally got most of that moved to greener pastures, but that has left less energy for this forum - which is where my heart lies. Not sure what to do.

There was a little flurry of activity last year, which you can read about here: Karezza In The News | Reuniting

I would love to help

But having lived the life of a porn addict I've been stuck in my room accomplishing nothing of any worth in the last few years, so I have no influence.

It's frustrating. I feel like I've happened upon a hidden, infinite trove of happiness for everybody on the planet, with no way to share it all.

Older threads

Zlarp, if you see an older thread you want to comment on, do it (perhaps preface your comment with, "I know this is an older thread, but...")! You never know who else might be seeing it for the first time and your comment might bring it up to the forefront for others who may have never seen it.

I get your frustration with wishing more people were aware of all this, I really do. But what I have discovered is all you can do is make someone aware of something and live your own truth and set the example. So many are not ready for this yet~~but hopefully, they will be soon.

Your enthusiasm is contagious and you have the ability to show your peers what true lovemaking is all about. Just be patient, learn and practice, and share when you feel the time is right!

Hidden treasure

Its one of the quirky things about the forum setup on this site. As there is no "master index" of any kind, other than the non blog area, the posts that are accessible at any given time are those by authors who are currently posting, and appear in the tracker. And posts that appear as comments to same, and blogs of same commenters.

Strangely for an ardent structure person, its never really annoyed me at all. I enjoy the synergy of it, always find ing what i wanted just when i needed it.

Failing that:

- try google, using eg : radio show
- ask marnia (or other old timers) for suggestions of blogs to read

It would be a rough guess but there must be 10s of K blog posts lurking in there. All of it good.


I was quite impressed with Sophie's gutsy-ness. I don't think I'd have the courage or strength to do what she did. Sure, she's a sweet young woman who clearly had the guys under her spell. If I were to do something like that (as a middle aged male), I'd be grilled. They'd probably frame me as some kind of pervert rather than a slightly deluded but very appealing woman (as they appear to have done).

I suppose we all have to find our own way to bring health and healing into our lives and the lives of people around us. Mine will be quite timid and personal for a while I imagine.

Kudos to all of us for being here.