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To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This

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Couple gazing at each otherNew York Times, January 11, 2015 - More than 20 years ago, the psychologist Arthur Aron succeeded in making two strangers fall in love in his laboratory. Last summer, I applied his technique in my own life, which is how I found myself standing on a bridge at midnight, staring into a man’s eyes for exactly four minutes.

Karezza for the first time

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This is a post from a porn recovery forum.

In my first post ever I asked people if sex with my boyfriend on our anniversary would cause a relapse and someone had suggested Karezza. I then proceeded a post asking about peoples experiences with Karezza and many other questions such as;

1- For people in long term relationships doing NoFap, did karezza cause any relapse?

2-What was it like doing it?

3-Did you like it over traditional sex?

4-How did you do karezza for the first time?

UK's 'Sunday Times' feature by Gary about plight of today's young porn users

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 Sunday Times logo"A cure for porn addicts who have lost that loving feeling"

Young men are finding that addiction to hardcore videos is harming their physical ability to have real sex. Gary Wilson explains how science and online discussion groups are helping them to quit