A Special Christmas Announcement for the Women of Reuniting

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This has almost nothing to do with Karezza, but is a public service message for every dude whose woman reads this blog. Plus, it will probably make for a happier home life for all involved.

Since she finished her job grading finals for a couple for psychology professors last week, my girlfriend has indulged in one of her favorite hobbies—shopping. I think what she enjoys most about Christmas is the shopping. Since I hate shopping, she drops me off at work and takes my car and goes shopping. Sometimes alone, sometimes with another girl from school; as long as I don’t have to go I don’t care.

Earlier this week I was at my CAD station updating some drawings and my cell phone was going off with texts. My boss brought over a couple of drawings for me to revise while I was scanning through the texts which all had photos attached. He saw the photo and looked at me a little funny—it was a photo of a lacey bra from Victoria’s Secret. I looked up at him kind of embarrassed and said, “It’s my girlfriend’s Christmas list.”

He took a hold of the phone and scrolled down some texts, each with a photo, size and store name. He started to smile, “God, this is great I am going to get my wife one of these. I never know what to get her.”

He handed me back the phone. I said, “The bra?” My boss’s wife is a conservative middle aged lady that I bet doesn’t wear a bra that looks anything like that.

“No, no…she’d kill me. A smart phone, I am just not sure if I should get her a Droid or I-Phone; what do you think?” We had a about a half hour discussion of the merits of each and which I thought was best for a middle age technophobe. He said he was going a phone store at the mall that evening and pick one out as they had an upgrade on their plan anyway.

“Your girlfriend is pretty clever, that is a great way to get what she wants—she even gives you the size. This year I’ll get my wife the phone and then I can tell her about your girlfriend’s ‘shopping list’ idea. Next year my wife can send me a shopping list too.” My boss walked off happy with his new gift idea for his wife.

That night when my girlfriend came to pick me up at work I told I got busted looking at her shopping list and what happened. She liked hearing that my boss thought she was smart though. After dinner she smiled and said, “Don’t you want to go shopping for someone you love?”

I asked her if maybe she would like to go shopping for that special person for me. She stared at me obviously not amused and shook her head no, “You’re getting off pretty easy as it is.” She was right; she really made it easy for me to figure out what to get her without much hassle. I thought about the really nice dress she sent me a picture of from Kohl’s—she will look pretty hot in that. And with the bra from Victoria’s Secret under it; think about her in that was all the encouragement I needed, I was off to the mall.

The moral of this story for you women who have a man in your life—which I hope is all of you—give your man a break and text him a photo of what you want, with the store name, and the size you wear. Trust me we appreciate things like that.