Starting my challenge of no PMO

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I'm a 22 year old single male. I've looked at porn since the age of 9, instantly hooked. I regularly M to it up to 10 times a day. Have basically no self-esteem or confidence and life feels so bland. I'm going to try stay 90 days off it, hoping to improve myself. I'm also a regular weed smoker, so I'll try to stay off that for the 90 days too. So, day 1 will start tomorrow. I'll attempt to post my first 2 weeks on here everyday. I'm not expecting it to be easy, but I hope posting regularly will maintain my courage and willpower to stick at it. I want to change and feel better about myself.


think about this

what job in your life do weed and PMO serve?

Stave off boredom

Stave off loneliness

Help you sleep


Make a list

Then figure out what replacement behaviors you can put in place instead.

This is the key reason why some are successful and some are not in stopping PMO or weed for that matter. The sucessful people are those who have replaced the jobs done with weed and PMO with other "employees" such as dance class, socializing with friends, a cuddle buddy, a second job, a volunteer job, or all of the above.

What can you do to basically stay away from the computer and do something instead?

Day 1

I failed once in the morning, but told myself to keep at it and not give in for the rest of the day, which I've managed so far. I've made a rule not to touch myself down there unless it's for cleaning or bathroom purposes only.
I've thrown all my weed down the toilet and crushed my seeds with a hammer and I'm thinking about distancing myself from the friends I have who all smoke weed regularly. I think it'll be a good idea to try and make some new friendships outside of smoking weed, but I'll have to wait and see how that happens. Weed for me started off from pressure to fit in but as the years went on became a tool to escape and zone out by myself every night before sleeping.

I've joined the gym recently with an old friend from school, so I think pouring some of my focus and energy into that will help, as well as flushing the weed out of my system.

I don't see myself getting a "cuddle buddy" any time soon. I'm terrible with women. But I shall endeavor to communicate with the opposite sex more often, even if only through simple day to day interaction.

I'll check out the be honest the thought of embarking on this challenge is quite scary, but I know I owe it to myself to give it a genuine effort.

Give yourself some credit

This takes courage and determination, and it sounds like you have both.

There's plenty of "pick up" information out there that can help you socialize with women more easily. Dig around and find some techniques to try. It can be fun to challenge yourself.

Working out is one of the most powerful strategies for overcoming this challenge. Good for you!

Without the self-medication, you may want to try meditation or some other stress-reducing idea from this page (all suggested by forum members, BTW): ♦Solo Tools