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I have begun on my journey of Karezza Love Making with my husband. He has been a trooper with me and has had two accidents in the past four days. This morning we made Karezza love and it was amazing. He got to heated up though. I gave him the advice a few have given me about pulling out "SLOWLY" and then reinserting slowly (with a break in between taking out and reinserting). I have to remember slow also so I don't work him up. Anyway, just wanted to give y'all an update and say that it is going well and we are trying to work at the no ejaculation. If you have any ideas that help other than the one mentioned here I would be very grateful. Everyone have a wonderful night and talk with you later.




Pulling out, hmm. Id go for just connecting ever so slowly and then hanging out at full penetration. This is really nice and healing for both, and unstimulating for the guy as the penis head is in the upper vagina where there are few muscles. After you get into the swing of this meditativeness, then movement gets easier. Dont forget to relax, breath, and ... stay away from old exciting positions. If you want to experiment with things, my advice is do it after 30 minutes connected. That way youll get balance. Good luck u 2.


I am still in the process of figuring out what will work for us. Thank you Treehouse that sounds like some wonderful advice. I will try it tonight. What would you say about meditating (from a mp3 player) while we lay connected? Seems I learn to relax a lot easier while listening to meditation music. I have learned to relax a lot more than I used to, but the chants from the music just make my relaxation so much better. I actually only know of one position and that's scissors. If you have any more positions you could ad-lib I would appreciate it. Marnia thank you for the link I will check it out for some more incite.

relaxing method

Women find they can focus on their pelvic floor, the muscles involved in kegels. If you can relax this and focus on this during meditation, you can do so when you are engaged with your man. And it may help you tremendously by making sex more pleasurable, increasing sensation by increasing your presence, and also make it more difficult to go over the top into orgasm.

I haven't done this myself as I am male but I do a similar thing and it works great. I know Diana Richardson has talked about the importance of it too.

So when I say "I relax when I connect" what I mean is, I relax my pelvic floor and focus my attention on that area. This increases my pleasure and keeps me from getting too excited.

It would seem if I focus on that i can't focus on anything else, but really it provides a wonderful anchor for me and lets me focus on the moment even more effectively. It quiets my mind and is wonderful.


Hi Megan, the way things work best for us is to start out in the spoons position. This allows me to be almost totally in control which is very different from our past. I generally start off very slow and gentle until she is totally open and receptive and I am able to be completely inside. She will lay still and all of the movement comes from me. After awhile it becomes uncomfortable to stay in one position so we switch to scissors and that is usually how we finish. As far as music we have tried it but have found that silence and just a few words and sighs are better, but as has been said before, there are no rules, so relax, enjoy, and you will find Karezza to be an amazing way to bond with your mate!

If I feel like I'm about to come

I pull out QUICKLY. Works for me.

Of course it's better not to get that close to the edge where you have to scramble to avoid going over. If I find I've gotten more aroused than I feel is "safe", I open my eyes, look around the room, and take some deep breaths. That distracts me from the sensations, and my arousal level drops quickly.