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right, basically my addiction to masturbation causes dark circles around my eyes... it does, im not here for people to tell me it doesnt, i have seen this in myself, (although if anyone could explain how it does that might help).

i recently went 10 days without masturbation, albeit edging the whole time. but a personal best nonetheless.. but this was a few weeks ago, since i have been 3 days and now cant even manage a day.

i dont even want to give it up cold turkey due to the stresses that will cause, but i am willing to do so to begin with until i want to do it say twice a week (although preferably i would do it twice a week ish to begin with and be done with it)

i just need some support from people who have done this so they can do it comfortably and not excessivley, and want to know how to do this...

i have no other issues, i am not depressed, no ED, no social anxiety (complete opposite).. i just want these dark circles and certain Masturbation related acne to go away...

ANY support would be great from actual people who have had these problems (dark circles/acne) or people who happily masturbate twice a week with no problems...



I have definitely heard

guys report that dark circles can be related to excessive ejaculation. Have you ever read any of the Daoist book? This one talks about lots of symptoms from too frequent ejaculation. CHIA.book

We think this article helps to explain what's going on, although the precise mechanics of each individual symptom are not yet known. Men: Does Frequent Ejaculation Cause a Hangover?

Most of the support has moved to these two forums, so they might be the place to get the help you need to get back on track.



Everything we know has been collected at www.yourbrainonporn.com. Check out the FAQs for tips on avoiding relapse. Good luck.


went 2 days, before relapsing this morning... i dont know how im going to do this. it seems so stupid to eradicate masturbation from my life completely, but i am trying to. i just dont know how to not masturbate or watch porn before bed, because then i feel restless..

any help on frequent but a healthy level of masturbation, or more importantly just any support on how to beat this would be great. thanks

have faith

If you are restless due to extreme horniness... just endure, and you _will_ get to sleep, eventually. I had two or three nights when I only got an hour or two of sleep, but the next night, getting to sleep wasn't a problem!

Pressing (not rubbing) your penis with a steady pressure with the palm of your hand might be soothing and take the edge off your horniness.

Then there's the cold water treatment that some people find helpful...

thanks guys

ive decided to continue and not just give up.

i am hopeful to not masturbate unless i am really horny, and endure the sleepless nights; not just because im used to it or for sleep or anything. i have also decided that max 2 a week is a good level to keep at without the feeling like im giving it up forever and that there is no end. is that something that works or would people recommend from experience giving up altogether (it does seem eternal though which is why i believe its hard)

and if not altogether how long should i try to give it up for before masturbating less frequently but regularly like twice a week (assuming doing it from the off is a bad idea)

That's a good question

Everyone is different. It kind of depends on your symptoms. For example, guys with porn-related ED often find they need a couple of months or even more with no porn, masturbation or orgasm. Especially if they don't have a girlfriend.

However, if you can moderate at 2/week (that's two ejaculations to touch only without porn or fantasy...not two "sessions" of porn Smile ), that's a good sign. If, instead, you ejaculate and it leads to a binge within a day or so, you need a longer time out.

Wish there were easy answers....


Yeah thats what im going to aim for, im going to try go a week if not longer without masturbating or ejaculating, but if a massive urge comes up im not going to stop myself..

i think the fact im only 21 and dont have massive symptoms like ED mean i dont need to stop completely and just moderate. but i agree with what youre saying about getting back in to old habits if i do that and should be aware..

thanks for all the help, ill keep updating and posting with anything else.

currently 1 day without PMO (but a bad nights sleep), which before i was still edging, so im pleased so far.

It's not unusual

to have trouble getting "traction" at first. Just keep trying. And keep in mind that highspeed sexual novelty is usually a stronger addiction than masturbation, so you won't help yourself by edging to porn without climax. Dash 1

Currently on 3rd day

Without PMO. its a Sunday and this week i have masturbated twice, (albeit with edging twice also). and i feel fine, my acne has subsided and my eyes appear to be getting better.. i even went to bed the other night with no need to edge or masturbate, was happy to just go to bed.

i feel like if i can get through today, this week will be better than when i wasnt masturbating for a week because i know i can just moderate it. and hopefully ill lose so much of an urge to edge also and just to do it twice a week..

i also feel if i can make it through the next couple of days i might try cut it out again.. but that might lead to edging, so depending how bad i get i might keep it at twice a week and cut out edging completely

either way im definitely on the way back and getting in control of things. and feel good and noticing changes in my eyes and acne, which is the idea =)


I started this whole thing

I started this whole thing out really slowly too. I went like 3 days without O, but edged to fantasy the whole time. After that I went like 2 weeks with edging. FInally, I went 2 weeks with nothing and did my best to avoid fantasizing but eventually binged one night. I then got another streak of 10 before MOing to fantasy. Finally, after all that, I went 79 days straight. Its tough to get started but just keep trying and you'll get it. I had a ton of minor relapses along the way after 79 straight days, but eventually got streaks of around 45 and 40, and after all that, I had a day where I literally felt all pull towards porn disappear. It took like 8 months total, and I can say that my life after this mark is sooo much better than before. Just think, if you can get 2-4 months without a relapse, you can get there much faster than I did.

I still have nights where I might relapse, but its getting to the point where I realize that when I relapse I feel the effects for like 2 weeks.

anyway, just keep trying to distract yourself with by working out, hanging out with people, reading, meditating (i didn't buy it at first), or whatever you like doing. Also, if you relapse, don't binge and give up, just keep moving forward.


for the support, i feel i can do it as long as i dont O.

i have had small stretches and i feel under pressure when i dont M, i feel like edging is a good release and medium but it obviously keeps the addiction. obviously edging doesnt contribute to my acne or eyes, but it does keep the addiction going. i also notice improvements with only the 2 O's ive had this week.

so for the next week im either going to edge and have none, or O twice (a good limit i feel) and not edge... so either way i either kicking the addiction slowly or getting max benefits from not Oing...

is that a good idea? i just want to be in control and not feel like i have to give up to see benefits...

In all honesty, my start to

In all honesty, my start to no PMO with the edging was a bad start. I suppose it was the first step, but I realized soon that I really wasn't taking this seriously. It was then I decided that whatever happened I would not touch my dick, watch porn, and would do my best not to fantasize. I even looked away when I saw a hot girl on television.

There comes a point where you "beat" the addiction in your brain. Idk what the exact science is, but you flatline and just stop caring about porn. When I hit this point, my perception of everything changed. When I hit this point, I knew that all this pain/torture was completely worth it.

Its not gonna be easy. However, if you want to really get all the benefits you read about on yourbrainonporn.com porn faq and rebooting accounts, you just gotta completely abstain. No porn, masturbation, only orgasm from wetdream, and no fantasy. I never realized that it's supposed to be tolerable to live without these things, until I abstained for a few weeks. if you have enough other hobbies and distractions, after a few weeks you'll get used to abstaining. You'll have random cravings, but it won't be as bad as the first 1-2 weeks.


i see what you're saying, it always feels temporary when edging. which although sounds stupid is kind of what i want (the feeling of not forever, not the edging) because i want to control it, (as i dont have many symptoms)

i have decided to try go this week with no edging, porn or MO.. ill see how i go

then next week maybe masturbate if i really feel the need, i got a bonus off just doing it twice the last week (my acne and eyes look good)

but nevertheless this week is my target, wish me luck!

1 day no PMO

and i feel really pleased, no edging or anything and although i got an average at best nights sleep i feel really pleased. was hard when i got in to bed and felt the need but just put my hands under my pillow and watched tv until i felt tired enough to fall asleep straight away..

gonna try keep this up all week and see how i feel.. ive already noticed my eyes feel and look better and my acne is subsiding (after the last week too with just masturbating twice) which i dont think is a coincidence at all bcause every time ive been without O ive noticed a difference... hope to see an improvement

onwards and upwards


been through 2 days (laying in bed on the second night) and feeling an urge for porn, just to edge a bit... cant sleep and think it might help...


PMO once last night and once this morning....

dont feel particularly guilty, eyes look slightly darker and a couple of spots reappeared but i guess if i stop again now i should be ok...

i kind of want to do a full week with no PMO or edging... im gonna start today (and count today because it was like 7 when i did it, before i got up. and if i didnt count today id do it again) and see if i can do this with the help from those links...

ive now done it 5 times in 10 days.. which is less than before and ive seen some improvement. but i want to reduce this number even more, need some strength


hey guys, i havent posted because ive been trying to get back on the wagon, but havent been able to.

in the last 4 days ive masturbated 5 times, which although isnt horrendous, its not great. (its been once at night when going to bed, except once)

im going to start tomorrow again and try and go a full week, before starting twice a week PMO's to keep my body from being stressed, as i think this will be a good limit.. i really mean it this time because i really dont want to get right back in to old habits and if i dont now i definitely will after these few days...

any help/support appreciated, whenever i feel like masturbating ill come on here instead so ill keep you up to date..



went all day yesterday, no porn.

woke up this morning hungover, masturbated. brilliant.

not too annoyed, my acne has got 10x better and eyes got better before i started again, so i can do it when i want. thing is, i want to now.

starting tomorrow (monday, convenient) gonna only watch porn and M twice a week max, if i dont feel like it.. ill do it less. that way i can say 'ahh ill do it tomorrow, its not like its never again'

gonna try the get-out-techniques as well to see if i can do it 0x a week, but 2 is good enough for what i need...

ill be back to update you guys, cheers for the support

through 2 days

through 2 days no PMO. getting stronger, first 2 days seem the hardest because its worth nothing, after that you ruin what youve done if relapse so im feeling good


alright guys, i was not really getting anywhere before, few days here and there.. and i have just gone a week without masturbating, which is great

i have just PMO'd though and im not too upset, i went a week and its now sunday so i think once a week is a good benchmark to carry on with.. and just because i did just PMO im determined to not get back in to bad habits, so ill probably be back.. but ive seen a great impovement the last week and intend to start a fresh one again right now.

Not a bad shout

i did watch porn a couple of times in my week and i decided to cut it all out over this next go, so if i do really feel the need (like if i want to do it once a week) i might just do that, will probably lesson the craving for it

either way im really happy about the results and intend to keep them here, and keep them improving.. thanks for the support guys

sorta knew about that

but thats not really been a problem, only once was slightly like that and it was alcohol induced, and was ok by the morning Wink

i guess it could be an issue if i carried on, i could see the whole different genres of porn theory being an issue probably sooner rather than later. either way i think cutting out porn will be beneficial to stopping wanting to masturbate, gonna go a week no PMO, counted today as it was really early when i O'd so im 1 for 1 so far no PMO..

i dont think i was addicted enough for that to be a problem, but im sure once a week wouldnt get me in to that habit again anyway, i just wont watch it unless im going to PMO.

2 days

just done 2 days no PMO, none of all 3.. really pleased, hope to keep it going.

it is definitely easier to not M when you dont watch porn too... gonna try keep this up all week and then ill have only O'd once in 2 weeks.

still seeing improvements, skin is getting much clearer

relapsed yesterday

which makes it 2 O's in 8 days. but im keen to do a full week now to make it 2 in 2 weeks.

my skin is practically clear from acne, which is brilliant. eyes dont seem to be any better than original improvement but they have had some improvement from the beginning, guess ill just keep going and see

when i had the 3 days no PMO (no edging or porn or anything) it was easier than with edging to not O because it just takes your mind off it. just got to kill the idea or thought of watching it now

either way im keen to keep going, writing this definitely helps!

im back

i relapsed and have been having a tough time getting back into it lately... 2 weeks until the end ofmy uni term and keen to not pmo before then (just as a first goal)

im currently through 1 day (on day 2) so really want to keep this going...

when i did it before for a week the benefits were great.. REAALLLY want to not PMO for 2 weeks =/

ill be back

I need to

cut out any arousal.. not sure how to go about that really but im gonna try, if i find things hot then im just gonna pause it or get a drink or something. hopefully that works

this morning had a semi relapse, was really tired from essays all night and watched some porn (shouldnt have) and found myself edging, tried to stop myself but had a semi Orgasm (yeah sounds stupid but it happened, like i could have carried on but techniclly had one)

but im not counting it because it wasnt full and it will ruin my chances of the 2 weeks. im currently on day 2. gonna make it to 14.. not even gonna watch porn anymore, any support/help will be great