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Day 2

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Last night was very difficult since I didn't have anything to keep me occupied. To keep me occupied I did a very intensive workout, which helped reduce my cravings. However, they eventually came back. So to clear my mind I decided to take a drive in the country (kinda expensive at $4.00 per gallon), which worked very well to clear my mind and when I got home I went straight to bed.

23 y/o Religious Virgin, Addicted to Erotic Stories, Day 1

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Greetings everyone, I don't know really where to start with this post. I have not had writers block in many years, but this is a difficult topic for me to write about. I have always been perceived as being very solid and not needing to rely on others. I even was once addicted to food and was overweight, but this seems like a much bigger problem. When I was addicted to food I just went cold turkey, I thought I was going to die from the withdraw symptoms, but now I am in must better health. Now, I am tackling this bigger problem.