6 week mark

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today marks day 42. Without a doubt I feel much better today than I did at the beginning of the reboot. I've mentioned that I have been going through a lot of ups and downs recently. Today was an up day, the best ive had in sometime. it actully started last night before I went to bed and just extended through today. excersise and meditation have been very key for my recovery so far.

I was very skeptical about meditation but I see the positive effects after just 10-15 minutes. I feel calmer and more confident. I'm not sure if it was in my head or not but I think I noticed some girls looking at my today. It makes sense that this would happen today because of how great and confident I was feeling. Maybe I was having such a great day that I kind of imagined the girls checking me out since that's what a lot of other people report but i'm pretty sure it was happening.

Also ive mentioned in previous blogs that in the past I had these random spurts where girls would be really attracted to me for short periods of time. Since I did not know the connection to PMO at the time, there is a good chance that I got extra horny when I got more female attention and i decided to release via PMO. This is why it was only a short period of time. I think there must have been instances in the past where I would just MO every once in a while. while this is not considered "rebooting" I feel like if its done for a long enough time it might have the same effects. It's just not efficient. That is really the only possible explanation I have for these instances of massive female attraction I have had in the past.

I can literally feel my dopamine receptors beginning to grow back. I have this warm energy in my chest. Doing literally anything is a pleasure, unlike during the PMO days when my pleasure only came from one source. Also, compared to this past weekend, I feel like a completely different person. This past weekend I felt awkward, weak, desperate and lacked confidence. I just felt off and im sure that I was not giving of a great vibe. I hope this feeling I have now lasts the weekend.

I can also feel a wetdream coming on sometime soon. My groin area has been achey recently and its been about a month since my first one. I felt very anxious and awkward after my first one. I hope that this next one doesn't give me the bad effects. Some people say they feel amazing following a WD.

Also, I remember around day 30 or so when I wasn't seeing tremendous progress I started to get a little worried. I was thinking, its getting late into the reboot, wheres the progress? But since I feel I have made such great progress in the past 2 weeks, i feel like now its ONLY day 42. I can only imagine how ill feel at say day 90 or 120. All I really want is for this to generally be all over by september, and thats ages away, so im feeling pretty optomistic right now.