60 days

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pretty crazy that im finally at 60 days. To be completely honest, I was expecting to be a little more "cured" when I got to this point, but that is just because some ybop rebooting accounts have people seeing unbelievable results in 30 days. That being said, I have noticed some really positive improvements.

-General Anxiety is gone
-Depression is gone
-Energy/motivation is way up
-gave us pot/cigs (I realize now that i pretty much smoked pot and cigs because it would make PMOing feel even better)
-mood swings have gone away
-Irritable attitude has gone away.
-generally in a better mood and more social.
-Morning wood not great all the time, but it has shown to be better when I can eliminate fanatsy.
-standards are not lowering, but are changing. fake porn-like girls kinda gross me out. i saw a hot girl with a tan in the middle of the winter and she just came of as fake and unattractive. starting to realize on a cognitive level that I need/want to click with a girl before having sex.
-no completely spon erec yet...erections do happen easily just by thinking about sex though.

The improvements I want to see more of are the overall interaction with girls. I know that a lot of this is me not finishing rebooting because I have up and down days. The up days i am very social with girls not thinking about sex and can flirt and have fun very easily. the bad days i still am looking at them as sex objects and end up being weird. When this happens, it literally cripples my whole personality; I end up analyzing my thoughts, trying to be funny ect because i'm aiming at sex instead of just relaxing and being myself. Confidence has in general been up but it also correlates with these up and down days. Recently, maybe for 2-3 weeks, i have noticed periods where I have a up days when i feel like something good exploded in my chest and im fine with girls, are followed by days where I am awkward around girls. It is weird how something like perception can swing back and forth. it also seems to happen at completely random times in the middle of the day. unfortunately, the bad days right now out number the good. I feel like I may see really good results in 30 more days or so but im willing to go over for over 60 additional days if necessary. It would be amazing to have these good days be my norm instead of happening just once in a while.

As far as finding real girls, it has not really been easy. I am yet to feel great on the weeekends, and i have a difficult time approaching girls when im having a down day. unforunately, none of the girls in my classes who I have been with on good days are girls that i consider attractive. In this regard, i have not been able to test myself out with sex or even making out so I am not sure where I am with regards to ED, but I have been really sensitive to thoughts. I know that i will have to put forth more of an effort to meet girls because i am sexually inexperienced. my history consists of make out sessions with random girls and 1 failed sexual experience.

All in all i hope that im at least halfway done...cravings are very weak so I'm working hard towards not relapsing. i will continue to workout and keep myself distracted as much as possible for the remained of the reboot.