76 days

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Still feeling pretty good after a short depression episode last week. Idont know if my libido is just jacked up after the rebooot or if it's still my addiction nagging, but I have been very horny lately. It's to the point where when I'm lying in bed at night or in the mornngs, I have to actively cancel out fantasys over and over. Some tend to go on for a little when I'm half asleep. I hope this doesn't hurt my progress to much. Fantasy is also only a problem when I'm in bed, which I'm sure is becUse of habit.

Not to much else to post actully. Usually I have rather long posts about a ton of stuff on my mind during this reboot, but not today. Just worried about my strong fantasys...the positives have been the same as in my last few posts. I'll continue to keep updating tho...till next time