day 2

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Feeling weird. Got out and talked to a bunch of people. That being said, I've had this empty, slightly depressed feeling all day. This is a big trigger for me, as it would feel great to fill this void with sexual related things, but i'm not going to. I'm not sure exactly what it is, whether its chemical stuff going on in my brain or something else. I texted a girl whose number I got on sunday, and got no response. I guess i'm feeling a little down after getting 2 numbers last week, and neither of them panned out to be anything. The first flake was weird, as i asked her out the following day, she said she couldn't make it, but suggested that we do it "tonight" instead, I said sure, and she basically said she's busy she'll get back to me, and never did. Confusing stuff.

Still, I gotta stop with my pity party i'm having. I got 2 flakes/rejections, big deal. It's a part of dating, and I need to stay optimistic and not get discouraged. if I keep approaching, i'll find girls I do like.