Day 66

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Recenty I had a small injury that prevented me from working out for about a week. It's amazing how much my mood got better once I started again. Was feeling great for about 2 days after my workout resumed. First half of today was bad, then got really good, and went back to bad right now. Pretty frusterating...the good period was great though, and I can definitely feel a difference in perception about things all in the same day. Did a good job of eliminating fantasy aside from "normal sexual thoughts" that enter my mind. I do my best to stop these but sometimes a "innocent" fantasy that doesn't even involve sex can give me an erection. Just thinking about having a girlover and anticipating sex seems to do it. I hope this doesn't hinder my progress. They only last for like 5-7 seconds before I distract myself.

Hoping I can have some "good days" on the weekend for once...maybe the fact that there will be alcohol and girls around with the prospect of sex makes me nervous...