quesetion for anyone who has read nomoremrniceguy

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I found this book under solo tools on ybop thanks to a link Marnia put up (thanks and btw I never realized how many solo suggestions were on ybop, I really overlooked that). It sounds something that I would want to read, I think in some cases I might be a "nice guy", and am always looking to improve. My concern is whether this book is anything like the PUA (pick up artist ) community. When I was younger I used to look at that PUA stuff. As I got older, I realized that while some of the stuff they say is good and legitimate, I also realized that a lot of the material isn't worth looking into. I think a lot of things they encourage people to try are cheap gimmicks and tend to make people less genuine. I also couldn't fathom trying some of the stuff they suggest because it just completely contradicts my personality.

When i saw the title "no more mr nice guy" I immediately associated it with the PUA community because they always refer to people less experienced with girls "nice guys". I'm aware that this might not be accurate on my part, so I was wondering if anyone could clarify what to expect from this book. I read the stuff on ybop and it sounded pretty legit. The website also doesn't talk about "scoring with perfect 10's" or anything but more about getting your life in order, so I thought that was encouraging. However, If its anything like the PUA community, im probably going to pass.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.



As far as I know,

it's nothing to do with PUA at all. It's really about helping guys find their inner strong male and stop blaming others for all their problems.

But I haven't read it, even though I've heard a lot about it over the last few years. Why not visit the author's site for more? Related website with active forum: http://nomoremrniceguy.com/

good answer

I ordered the book and it should be here in less than a week. I understand that needing/wanting peoples approval is bad. However, I realized the other day that I know this like I know the answer to any trivia question; it was just a fact that did not influence my life at all. For a day I noticed all the times where I would get anxious or feel uncomfortable and would ask myself "why am I feeling this way?" and it hit me, its because im looking for someones validation or approval. Even when I was trying to be myself, it was because I knew that being myself is the best policy, and if I act like myself, others will like me. It shocked me once I realized this about myself.

Yea, anything that promises overnight changes is a gimmick, so im going to be patient and practice this stuff.
This was the kind of review I was looking for. Thanks.