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So I have a question, Marnia, you may have an answer for me. So I decided to MB tonight. It was kind of a reward because I overcame some fears tonight and approached some girls in a pretty direct manner (which always scared me). Anyway, when I started to MB, I had trouble getting hard initially, which happens sometimes when I have a few drinks in me. However, I had a "mini" orgasm while I was soft. What happened was that I didn't have the orgasm sensation, but my penis kinda, made the orgasm motion, though it was small, and like 2 small drops fell out. I ended up MBing "for real" afterwards, and had a more "normal" experience. Anyway, my question is what is the deal with this "mini orgasm"? Does this mean that I should hold off for sometime? Am I MBing to early, as in do I need to reboot more? Any thing else happening?

I felt like I didn't need to reboot because I didn't really relapse. It wasn't like I was binging on porn or anything, it was just some escort viewing, and the last time was a week ago. I did have some cravings to increase the pleasure, by checking out escorts, while I was MBing but I resisted.

Any thoughts would be great. I'm on day 8 ( I believe) since my last escort viewing relapse, and I'm considering taking a break from MB to go along with my quitting escorts/porn. It should be noted that I did feel flatlinish a few days ago, but I felt my libido return a little yesterday and today. Today I was feeling pretty horny, I was thinking about sex a good amount, but I'm not sure whether it was 100%.

Thanks in advance.


yea this reboot is all about

yea this reboot is all about quitting escort viewing. I haven't watched porn since like september, and i've never had a binge in over 2 years. I have binged on escorts viewing though, and I realize its doing me harm.