re-reboot day 66/67

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had another wetdream the night of monday. That makes 2 in the past week. I felt the chaser throughout yesterday. I was unbelievably horny. I didn't really want to MO or watch porn though, just have sex. I'm also back home, which is a pretty big trigger because of the boredom factor as most of my friends aren't back yet. I all of a sudden don't have school work, so that is another gap in my life. I also smoked some weed which was another big trigger for me. With all of these things at once, I literally found myself looking up hookers in the area. I'm not proud of this at all, and once I realized what I was doing, I snapped out of it. I did see some nudes in the process, but I didn't fantasize to them. I've never once considered paying for sex, so the fact that I was doing this showed how much my libido spiked after the WD. I felt a huge dopamine rush after I got of the internet. I don't think it was the pictures so much as the fact that real sex was in the picture. I ended up seeing 2 of my friends that were in the area instead and just went to bed after. It was a pretty weird day, porn flashbacks and fantasy were nagging during the day but they eventually stopped.

Today I don't feel any bad effects from anything that happened yesterday. No pull towards porn. My plan is to keep myself as busy as possible, that way I can stay of the sexual stimuli.

[added later] I will say that searching through the hookers list was sort of like porn in terms of variety at a click.