re-reboot day 76

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went out again last night. This time was better than the last in terms of my confidence around people from my high school. Girls again looked amazing. What was interesting is that one girl from my high school who I always thought was really hot seemed more normal this time around. However, pretty much the opposite applies to every other girl. I actually got a glimpse of some porn last night for maybe 2 seconds because my friend was showing my other friend something porn related when we got back at 3 am. I wanted to see what it was and bam, I was looking at porn. I didn't get any crazy rush or anything from it which was good, however, when I woke up that image was tattooed on my brain. I also had this instant this morning where I thought "hey I looked at some porn last night and relapsed, might as well look at some today" and my heard started pounding and I immediately dismissed the idea. That was just the porn talking. Gladly the cravings have generally all subsided for now, and my libido has definitely returned. This isn't the chaser, as I haven't O'ed recently, and the desire for real sex is back, like it was a few weeks ago.


Nice work

It's so hard in this cue-laden world, but you showed you can do it. Hopefully the cravings will settle down soon.

Any special girl got your attention?

not really...i'm back home

not really...i'm back home and will only be here for about 2 more weeks. I talked to some girls at the bar but was mainly just having fun. When i'm back home I pretty much just try and hang out with my friends that I haven't seen in a while. I'm also doing some work with abandonment issues and 'nice guy syndrome' stuff, and its made me realize that I have to "fix" some stuff with myself before I really start dating. All in good time though, i'm not worried about it like I used to be. I'm sure it will work itself out soon.