re-reboot day 80

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After a crazy last 2 days, I finally feel normal again. I feel like my libido is under control again. Porn cravings were tough yesterday and unwanted fantasy was high, but they seem to have subsided today. I had some porn cravings sporadically throughout today, but they were more manageable than yesterday. Lifting and meditation didn't really help with any of the cravings/fantasy yesterday, which was odd because it normally does. I still feel gross about the happenings on day 78. Yesterday I was so conflicted because my sex drive was out of control, but I knew what I had done was wrong. Today, I finally feel like i'm on the same page with everything.

Happy Holidays to everyone. It's been roughly a year since I joined this community and it has made a remarkable difference in my life. Thanks to everyone who gave me support throughout the last year, and good luck to everyone rebooting!


It's amazing

to see what a difference a day can make - neurochemically speaking. 

Just be glad you're not a woman. You'd have the pleasure of those mood swings monthly - even without looking at porn. Wink

I'm really happy to hear of your progress.