re-reboot day 84

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Recently I've been feeling very confident. Anxiety is non-existent. When i'm out hanging out with my friends, I feel extremely sociable, and jokes seem to come extremely easily. I went out with my friends last night and saw some girls from my hs. I talked to some of them for some time, and everything went great. A random girl ended up talking to me at the end of the night and I ended up making out with her and drew some solid wood from that. I didn't have a condom on me, and couldn't bring her back to my place, so I just had to settle with her number. I had no intention of going out and doing anything with girls last night, but it sort of just ended up happening. I just feel so much more in tune with everything thats going on around me. I'm not in my head as much and don't have this fantasy image of reality. When life didn't live up to this fantasy, it was depressing and it caused a lot of self esteem problems because I felt like maybe I was the problem. the problem was the fantasy in the first place.

0 pull towards porn at the moment. Things are going pretty well right now.