re-reboot day 85

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Still feeling pretty great overall. I have completely lost my desire to masturbate. It doesn't even cross my mind. Porn still does in sneaky ways. For instance, today I caught myself thinking, "well we're not really addicted anymore so we could probably watch porn if we wanted" and I realized how my brain still manages to rationalize. I just remind myself that one of the main reasons that things are going so well is because we are staying away from porn. Morning fantasies have become less and less. Getting close to day 90. I have no idea whether improvements are still on their way, but i'm pretty happy where I am right now.



even after your brain has returned to normal sensitivity (which it sounds like it has), those addiction pathways are gonna fire up and set off rationalizations for a long time. They're the last to go in an addiction. Maybe tell your brain you'll try it in 6 months so it shuts up until then. Wink

I think I can deal with the

I think I can deal with the rationalizations pretty well. Partially its because I've fallen for them so many times and i've learned from my mistakes. Hopefully the will stop, but as far as i'm concerned, my brain can keep trying to rationalize all it wants.

Yeah, nothing

teaches wisdom like experience. Here's a great quotation to that effect:

“The road to excess leads to the palace of wisdom . . . for we never know what is enough until we know what is more than enough.”--William Blake

I think improvements will continue

probably for a year or longer. This stuff takes a long time and improvement goes on for a long time. Principally because it takes the brain a long time to lay down deep neural pathways. New ones. The more the neurons play nicely together the deeper they impress. And there is no subsitute for calendar time...

Great going. Try to watch for the brain going into "self congratulatory mode".

It would be great to see more

It would be great to see more improvements, so thats good to hear. I'm learning to stay sharp, so I will be sure to watch out for this self congratulatory mode. It is certainly something i'm familiar with.