re-reboot day 87

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Woke up this morning with some serious porn cravings. In general, i'm having another one of those libido spikes that I talked about last week. My brain is doing all sorts of rationalizing. It seems to be just screaming for visual stimulation. Part of me wants to MO, but I feel like I have to learn how to live without giving in. On top of that, things have been going well since I stopped MO. I think that was about 30 days ago. As someone put in my last post, "watch out for self congratulatory mode". I can see where that comes into rationalizing. I've done a really good job and things are going well, so my brain is like "we can watch porn once". I'm just going to spend the day distracting myself and hopefully tomorrow will be better. Keeping my eye on 90 days.


From my most recent experience

If you O you are going to make it much harder on yourself. I was doing fine till I O-ed with my partner and I regressed badly. The chaser effect can be more powerful than you'd expect. You brain has tied O to porn, especially MO - I'd advise you not to do it especially if you feel like watching porn.