re-reboot day 88

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Fell into some morning fantasy today. This hasn't been a problem for me for 1-2 weeks, so it was a little disappointing that it happened today. It's weird because whenever I fall into morning fantasy, I eventually snap out of it, and feel better. It's like fantasizing is less enjoyable than just laying in bed, but for some reason I start up anyway. My libido doesn't really feel there today. My penis actually feels kind of cold and lifeless today. I feel like fantasy plays a part in that. Overall i'm not to worried about it but it is something id rather stay away from. I don't know if this is related to fantasizing, but today I don't feel quite as confident as the past few days. I feel like i'm preoccupied worrying about things. I feel a little self conscious too. This could just be a slightly of day and i'm not to concerned. It could also be because I haven't been able to lift recently. I was sort of sneaking into a gym because I don't have a membership back home, and I was since caught, so its probably best that I wait I get back to school to start again, which is only next week. Porn cravings from yesterday have stopped.


i'm trying to avoid a walk or

i'm trying to avoid a walk or run because i'm whats called a "hard gainer" which means its difficult for me to put on muscle because of my high metabolism. Walking or running really sets me back because I shed muscle pretty fast. I might just try to go other places to lift and see if I can get lucky.