Rebalancing question on limbic system.

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So I'm at day 86 now. Without a doubt seen improvements as I've blogged a lot about them. However, one thing I hoped would come sooner is interactions with girls. I've had flashes here and there of what I want. I'm also improving in terms of anxiety and nerves. My conscious mind is starting to realize some of the flaws in my thinking and wants to be it's genuine self. I feel it's the limbic brain that refuses to catch up. It still views girls as alien creatures, if you will, and tugs at me to put on some act. It still makes the interaction goal-oriented and it's tough to be in the moment. To sum it up, I'm just not that natural around them.

I have clear memories of what it was like before these problems. That being said, I feel like when I'm "cured" I'll feel like that. Anyway my question is has anyone had a perception shift like this later on as apose to earlier? Most people have these changes at 1-2 months so some reassurance would be nice if it's out there. Regardless I'm gonna keep moving forward, there's no solutions in porn.