reboot 3: day 1

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Thankfully I feel fine today after yesterdays slipup. Its probably because I literally Oed in 10-15 seconds, so I didnt watch that much at all. But man porn is a drug. Despite what I said yesterday about it not being worth it at all, and how it didnt even feel good and how MO with touch was 100x more pleasing, I still had urges to go look at porn again. It is truly something that I am not able to rationally explain. I'm pissed at myself, but not to much. Ive come a long long way...I've been rebooting seriously since january 10th with no binges so these set backs have been small. I basically restart the counter for motivational reasons. gonna go keep myself busy now...


thanks and exactly

Thinking long term and thinking about the past when I was really struggling with depression anxiety and panic attacks around girls is what keeps me clean. Thankfully, before I found this site, I never knew the effects of porn, but now since I do and have been rebooting a while, i feel sooo guilty when ever I relapse. thats a good thing though.