Day 23 Back on the West Coast

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Well reuniters I have to admit before I left the East Coast I had another orgasm. This time it wasn't through sex but it wasn't through porn. I had been laying in the bed with my lady friend. We started cuddling, things got hot again but we didn't have sex (it was that time of the month)

I'll spare the steamy details but she gave me a handjob. Don't mean to sound so crass about it but I'm trying not to relive the sexual thoughts in my head as I write this down. I made it a point to tell her not to grip the life out of it and to take it slow. I had a crazy intense orgasm. The chaser effect has been strong since then. (This happened 5 days ago by the way) The following days I was horny as all hell. I was tempted to masturbate so many times and because of such I have developed some pretty gnarly blue balls. I've done well to keep myself distracted going to shows and hanging out with friends since I got home. Not to mention I had a pretty great 4th of July Celebration with the family. There's something that's been persistent and it's a pretty big thing to me. I've been getting erections without having to touch myself.

This is very important and a big step for me. They don't stay very long but it's progress none the less. I'm thinking coupled with leading a healthier life style they will become stronger. I'm not stressing the erections so much as far as being healthy though. I mean I should be healthier anyway. It's been tough to not party since it's summer though. Friends wanna go out and drink and what-not. But I'll be the stick in the mud and take a break from drinking. I don't have to drink to have fun. Kinda funny timing though because I'm going to a show of a band I've wanted to see for a long time tomorrow.

Haha oh well. Still haven't felt the need to watch porn though. I think at this point it's fighting the need to orgasm. A girl has been trying to hang out with me and making it very obvious that she's interested but gah. At this moment it's weird but I just don't want any female attention. Doesn't that sound weird? I mean I feel the need to orgasm but I don't know I'm just getting easily annoyed lately. So tomorrow I'm just gonna hang out with the boys at the show.

So I don't know how the counter should go for this one, I mean I got a handjob from someone else... I'll count that as masturbating.

Day 23 P-0 M-1 O-2


it's nice but

you might be better served without direct penis stimulation for a bit. Cuddling and non-orgasmic sexual stuff is a great way to really reboot and rewire and very satisfying. If you feel it would serve maybe you could speak to your partner about that. It's incredibly helpful in my experience.