Day unknown

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I call the day unknown as i no longer know the count of it and wish to know it
I decide not to know it as its not something that's of importance anymore.
I feel more conscious as there is more of life in me as its around me



Good question.

I focus on what i want to be rather than worry about what i shouldn't be. I want my mind to be healthy without junk. To love someone i believe one has to love himself first, I dont believe i can do that by keep on doing something that disturbs my peace of mind.
Another thing i feel like i have more time with me though i am still struggling to get hold of it to do something wonderful. I am keeping my self busy not that i have to but i really like lot of things to be done.
May be i learnt to be patient with the oscillating thoughts in mind. I do meditate(conscious observation of my mind). Satisfaction of doing things with conscious feeling of it doesn't exist so whats the point of it all.

I feel so great and awesome when i try to consciously do things by slowing my breath in any activity like eating, walking, etc. Have not even a slight bent of mind that i would get that by fooling my mind with fantasy. I wanna merge with reality consciously with simplicity.
I feel awesome, confident, proud, conscious now, when i look back i dont see that i have ever felt that way before.How long can I fool myself..?
I think its more to do with self questioning, The way i grew up i had too big self doubt and fear built up for many reasons. Felt shelter in many retreats in the name of exploration and experiencing life. May be finally i the mind is learning something ....:)
Seriously this is one tough question i guess. may be will ponder on it and then post it.

As long as

confusions doesnt break conviction.
One thing that i guess i picked up as i glanced through tools and techniques. Some times for no reason i experience a full boner.I kind of tuck in my abdomen and move muscles from the lower back to shoulder upward.I feel a sudden jolt of sensation reaching till ears. sometimes i feel like i am charged up with energy literally.
didnt seriously sit to dig why and what makes this happen. may be if you know can point to exactly that would be nice to know.

We definitely don't know all the answers here

but I have heard similar reports. I have two theories. First, as your body recalibrates, it tends to swing back and forth between extremes for a bit before it finds a middleground.

Second, you could be experiencing kundalini syndrome. If so, do some study on the web and think about finding some guidance from someone who knows more about it. Also think about practices that help you ground your energy. Socializing, affectionate touch, (for some) eating meat, vigorous exercise, etc.

Good direction!

The last one before vigorous exercise, yeah i am on it. Running and cycling.From today i am cycle to every where guy. Brought home an awesome ride yesterday.