5th day

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5 days ago I had PMO'd 3 times after a 120 day stoppage of PMO. I thought I had relapsed but I didnt although when I think about it. I could have easily fallen into the death grip. Just been having insomnia due to body clock problems probabaly because I youtube and surf the web all night. Not feeling any signs of depression or anxiety which is a good sign, althrough energy levels is quite low maybe due to my body clock and lack of sleep and exercise.

Yesterday I went to meet a girl which was great nothing sexual though. I think the trick to it is exercise frequently, find ways to improve your life and just socialise with people and when you do encounter anything sexual I found in my own experience I had to supplement with viagra or cialis.

I hope.....actually I WILL beat my last record of no PMO of 120 days, will be 190+ days!