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I have been reading about the reboot process and re wiring the brain and I have decided that I need what it has to offer.
I have been using POM for almost 20 years and I'm 32 years old. I used it all through my one and only sexual relationship of 10 years but I separated and we divorced 3 years ago.

I am a member of Narcotics Anonymous and have been drug and alcohol free for 1 year thanks to the 12 step program.

I am absolutely powerless over P and I tried a reboot only got 13 days then another 4 days.

Now I have decided to join so I can post my blog on here to receive help and feedback because if the NA program is anything to go by I can definitely not do this alone!!!

I did already find benefits from those short periods of abstinence and I have also ordered the CPA book.

I have all the social retardedness around women that are symptoms of being a P addict and i only have guy friends, i only had guy friends too when i was married.

I have watched all the YBOP series and they kick-started this whole discovery process. So thank you for putting them up there whoever you are!

I also have a few friends who are also going through P addiction and sometimes we get together for a chat about this topic. But not often enough unfortunately.

I am also seeing a psychiatrist who is a hypno therapist and a specialist in addiction diseases about once a week. He is an aadvocate of abstinence based therapies.

I think i really need lots of information to get me started on this 9j0 day reboot process (or however long is suggested) .

I felt i was doing really well but whenever i relapsed on POM i feel really depressed and dont gget out of bed just sleeping all the time!!


I'm your hostess here

and my husband Gary is the host of Your Brain on Porn. He did the videos. YBOP grew out of the forum on this site. What you guys were learning was so important and traffic was increasing so much...that we made YBOP about a year ago, so people could find what they needed more easily.

Glad you found a good therapist. Feeling depressed after a relapse is normal. It's probably partly neurochemical. If you're curious:

Do You Need A Chaser After Sex?

The Passion Cycle

Let us know what other questions you have, or check here: