Day 11 - Improvements in Double Digits

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Well day 11. I have to be honest, I'm glad I'm not one of the sufferers of ED. I did, however, feel it coming on when I used to have sex with my girlfriend. It wouldn't always get hard and it wouldn't stay hard. After 11 days, I'm rock hard all the time. I've been flirting with girls online, nothing too sexually stimulating but I've talked about sex a little bit with some. This isn't a big deal to me; I was trying to stop the constant searching for new girls and extreme roleplaying/camming. If I'm getting turned on by just the idea of having sex with a girl, something is working. Sure, I still have bad thoughts in my head and quite a bit of OCD, but I'm trying to just let it roll. It's not nearly as bad as it once was. That's for sure. So, improvements after less than two weeks. Hope I don't flatline.


it is really a good idea

to get out there with real girls and to try not to fantasize and do on line stuff that feeds the brain fantasy material. On line stuff is what you are trying to get away from, no? I felt very destabilized and horny from on line triggers a few days ago for a bit and I don't think it was/is good for me at all.

It is however a great sign that your erections are getting more reliable and better.