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Day 1

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Well, I've blown it again last night. When I went to bed, my cravings became kind of overwhelming and I did it again. Of course I could have resisted, but I didn't want to. Of course I don't like the fact that I have to start at square one again now, but that's the way it is! Just now, I felt like I would like to get some relief again, but I tried energy circulation instead - and I will keep trying. The thing is that my brain is wired to get this kind of reward, and it's so hard to break this cycle!

Almost 1 1/2 years of sobriety, and then... (WARNING - MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERS)

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Hello everybody, it's been a long time since I've posted here last, but I'm currently in a situation where I feel the need to share about my struggles again.

I indulged in FMO for the last time back in 2013, when I was interested in somebody. However, it ended in another buried affection; and I even got so depressed at some point that I lost any interest in fantasizing.

Battle for Purity - part I

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So here I'm back again. The last time I posted, I felt this sense of numbness, and I had this unusual feeling that I wouldn't want to be touched by my husband right now if I had one. However, this is not the case anymore. In fact, I've been having struggles again not to resort to these wonderful fantasies of being intimate with my man; touching myself etc. This morning, I realized again that I should make it a point not to linger in bed too long after waking up. So I'm trying to distract myself from these thoughts triggered by my physical and emotional cravings.


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Hello I'm back once again on this forum! Many things have happened since my last entry.

The most exciting thing is that I've met a wonderful Christian man. We are getting to know each other and I feel very comfortable with him. I've never been so sure that this must be the right one, as I have never seen so much compatibility. I've counseled with somebody who knows both him and me, and this person is also optimistic. But time will tell of course.

Back again

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It's been almost 9 months that I have posted something here. Today, I spontaneously decided to give you an update. I have a strong urge to open up myself, but since the matter is sooo intimate, I can't talk to anybody in person right now. Thank God for the anonymity of this site!

Still strong

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As far as I'm informed, for men there are ups und downs when it comes to sexual performance - but it's not necessarily according to a specific pattern. There are just times when they are very much into having sex; and there are times when they can easily dispense with it (please correct me if I'm wrong).

Interesting developments - WARNING! CONTAINS TRIGGERS!

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Currently, I'm staying at a beautiful place in the middle of nowhere participating in a seminar on marriage and family. It is held by a couple from the US who do this on a fulltime basis. My wonderful friend (and prospective boyfriend) is the interpreter, and we have been having a great time. He continues to tease me and we have been having nice fellowship together.