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I met the man who is now my boyfriend at a party a month ago. I was involved with someone else I had met online at the time. Choosing was hard but I went with my boyfriend because I found him more attractive and he is older and more sure of himself. He is 28 years old and I am 23. Our relationship is right and good in so many ways.

The confidence I have in him is due to the fact that he controls his feelings when with me. There are no outbursts of anger or passion. I needed a mild mannered and strong man and that is what I got. He has managed to gently coax out the real me that has been hiding for so long due to past neglect.

I am a mother to a 10 month old baby boy. I take him with on all my dates. It is usually just us three. I won't count my baby because my boyfriend and I are together by choice and we are adults. A man and a woman doing what men and women do when in love. I was thinking about taking responsibility for love earlier today. And I could not shake the thought that I needed to tell my boyfriend about non orgasmic sex and ask him to try it with me.

We have a standing date on Fridays a tradition born out of necessity because my family wants me home and don't understand why I am dating. I managed to spend 10 nights with him though. the first 5 were dedicated to holding and touching. And then we started having sex. I always rush to see him the next day to see if he feels as good as I do about life.

We are in sync in many ways. We just cannot get enough time together. However I have begun to feel that his ejaculating in sex is not good. He orgasms once or twice. And I orgasm 5 or 6 times when I am on top. He withdraws after reaching orgasm but not emotionally. We stay connected emotionally.

I don't want his energy depleted because of sex with me. I feel guilty because I don't suffer any fallout. I also want us to connect in a deeper way. We have arranged to spend the night together tomorrow. I will bring it up then.

One thing we do not experience any problems with is oral sex. I have learnt a lot about the male sexual response by the times I have spent touching and kissing his genitals. There is a lot we have to learn about each other but I am enjoying this new experience.