Spent the night together

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My boyfriend and I met as planned late in the evening. We chatted about my plans to go out of town for a bit and discussed the latest goings on in my life. A few of my valuables were stolen by a man that was being hosted by my cousin so we talked about that awhile.

He casually mentioned that due to some ceremonial activity he is involved in he is required to abstain from sexual relations for a week.
I was ready to leave to give him some space but he insisted I stay. We didn't do much talking after that as we were both tired and sleepy.
Later he woke up for a bit to shake the blankets free of some dust that was causing me to cough. After that we slept through without any attempt at becoming sexual or cuddling.

He only held me in the usual way in the early hours of the morning, 5 minutes later my alarm went off so I got up and prepared to leave. He walked me home and that was the end of our time together. I enjoyed getting together just to sleep. I didn't find it a convenient time to talk about the sexual approach I want us to try. I didn't know he practiced abstinence for cultural purposes and that gave me a lot to think about.