120+days no PMO

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sounds like you need more time and also

is there a possibility you can get together with a girl and just cuddle and touch? That is very, very helpful. The issue is, you didn't develop the normal channels for women. These are built in and ready to be activated but you bypassed that circuitry with porn. So it is going to take you longer than an older guy who maybe had some experiences with girls, then got into porn. Does that make sense?

I am really of the strong opinion that a lot of snuggling and cuddling is extremely, extremely helpful. Any chance of having that sort of relationship with your ex, no sex, no sexual touch, just that?


Sounds like improvements are slowly happening though.

Have you read this page? Tips For Former Fappers It's upsetting that so many guys your age need more time, but it seems that highspeed is a bigger problem than "porn." The older guys here recover faster...even though they've used porn longer. But they didn't start out with the constant novelty and shock of today's Internet porn.

Keep writing. We've definitely had guys take a bit longer than you have gone so far, so don't despair yet.

Emerson's right that closer contact (with no performance pressure) with your girlfriend could really help. Reminds your brain what you are here for. Wink

*big hug*