210 days no PMO

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good luck

on your visit with the doc.

Not sure what the issue is. Do you have any ideas at this point?

I am over 50 and I probably get 2 or 3 erections during the day. Maybe when I was 20 I would get 20, who knows. I was masturbating a lot then, often two or three times a day, anyway.

Let us know what happens.


Yes, have you spend any time with the ladies?

Think of the reboot as "erasing your memory." Your brain now has to figure out what to rewire your sexuality to. The older guys have little problem with that because most had real sex before they met highspeed.

But you young guys have some work to do once you're back to ground zero. Did you read this page? Tips For Former Fappers

Also consider visiting here: YOURBRAINREBALANCED.COM

Let us know what the doctor says. Most are not up to speed on porn-related symptoms. Here's a page with lots of advice guys have received in the last few years. It's getting better, but still not too hot. http://www.yourbrainonporn.com/what-experts-tell-guys-suffering-from-ed