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Can You Reboot/Rewire On An SSRI?

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So I am on day 107 of a reboot(no PMO), happy to say I have seen some progress, getting strong nighttime erections daily. Attraction to real life girls has improved but I still have some work to do in that department.

I still have social anxiety and my doctor recently prescribed me lexapro to take for a few months. I am very afraid of the sexual side effects of this drug.

Back at it - Day 35

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Hey Everyone, It has been a very long time since I posted anything here, maybe over a year.

My case is one of the more extreme ones, I started about age 12, I am now 31 and have only had sex with 1 girl in my life. It was not good sex, I never really felt any sensations when in her vagina (that was with a condom). She would have to always use her hand for like 10 minutes to get me hard.


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After 8 weeks of no PMO I broke last saturday night. Then I had the chaser and PMOed 5 times on Sunday and about twice a day ever since. After just one week of binging I was starting to have delayed ejaculation again, and needing intense stimulation to climax(although not as bad as when I started).

I was doing fine but I had my dad's memorial service last Saturday afternoon, he passed away after an 8 year battle with cancer. After the service i was in a really weird stressful place emotionally and I just wanted to do something to feel good.

4th attempt - This time no fantasy

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So this is my 4th reboot, the first 3 were beneficial but I made some crucial mistakes along the way that I think cost me from making a full recovery. The first two reboots I made it to day 84 each, the third one was about 6 weeks.

I am one of those individuals who wired to PMO for years (17 years, multiple times a day) before actually having the real thing. Obviously my experience finally getting some wasn’t that great, I was really bored the whole time and barely felt anything, I had to use cialis to get an erection.

Surrogate Sex Therapy

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I wanted to recommend this to some of you guys who have never had successful sex. I did it for about 6 months at a therapy center in NYC. I wish I did a reboot beforehand because I didn't get as much benefit out of it as I could have if I really knew what my issue was at the time and rebooted first.

You work with a professional therapist and a surrogate sex partner, it is regulated for std's. You start slowly with cuddling and non sexual touching, then when your comfortable you start getting more sexual.