4th attempt - This time no fantasy

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So this is my 4th reboot, the first 3 were beneficial but I made some crucial mistakes along the way that I think cost me from making a full recovery. The first two reboots I made it to day 84 each, the third one was about 6 weeks.

I am one of those individuals who wired to PMO for years (17 years, multiple times a day) before actually having the real thing. Obviously my experience finally getting some wasn’t that great, I was really bored the whole time and barely felt anything, I had to use cialis to get an erection.

In between each reboot I made the mistake of using facebook and dating site pictures as a replacement for P, not realizing I was pretty much doing the same damage as I originally did with videos.

During the reboots I would view facebook and dating site images a lot not realizing it was probably hurting my recovery. I also used fantasy A LOT, this was a big part of my problem and I felt it was very difficult to control , I was using fantasy on a daily basis even though I wasn’t wanking it.

I am on day 17 right now of my 4th attempt. This time is different, I have really learned to control my thoughts through meditation and stop fantasy in its tracks anytime it trys to creep in my mind. I have also completely avoided any dating sites and facebook. I have not been searching for images at all.

The first two weeks were a little easier this time around, and after two weeks I have finally hit the “flatline period” that people talk about it, this is something I never experienced in my previous attempts and I am hoping it is a sign I am on the right path. It’s weird but even though I am flat lining right now I have woken up in the middle of the night for the past 3 nights with MASSIVE erections that last a few minutes after I get out of bed.

Other than that during the day I am feeling nothing right now but I am attempting to keep it up for 120 days, then I will do my best to rewire myself to real women.

Really hoping it works out this time, I think giving up fantasy is going to be the real key for me.


Hi Ranger,

Hi Ranger,

I agree with the dropping of the whole fantasy thing. I slipped back after a long period of success and it was a subtle way to keep the door open to the old habits.

Good luck!


I can't wait to write up your

rebooting account. I'm sure a lot of guys are stumbling on the same rock. When your brain is hollering for dopamine, it's normal to try to get it a fix one way or the other. And yet, it may not be able to rewire without that lull. Hope the flatline is brief.