DAY 68 - balanced but some questions

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Still no PMO (No porn, no masturbation, no orgasm, no sex with my wife, no fantasizing)

> Feeling very balanced, not euphoric like I used to be after 3-4 weeks (think that was due to a high testosterone level), but calm and relaxed. I deal MUCH better with stress at work.
> Feeling "easy like sunday morning" during the whole week (at work and at home) and that's GREAT Wink
> Still have no urge to watch porn, neither to masturbate.

> However, I ask myself if it could be "unhealthy" not to masturbate at all for more than 90+ days. Is there a risk in terms of semen quality loss? Are there any other risks?
> After the 90 days I will have sex again with my wife but will try to avoid semen loss (maybe it would be better to reduce the semen loss to once in a month?)

Thanks for sharing your opinions / experiences.



have you read this blog post


I think it is far healthier to have sex without orgasm than to masturbate at all, given that you have a partner. The downside of orgasm for a rebooting guy is twofold. One, is it can cause the chaser effect and relapse to porn. Two, it really is better to explore sex beyond the quick orgasm type sex we are mostly familiar with, as you seem to be interested in exploring that anyway.