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You must go to strip clubs to meet the ladies WHO KNEW

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(3rd Day 15) I'm stylin', this non-PMOF period is currently pretty easy.

I was just informed that my boy has a few women who want to meet me, so I'm going out to meet up. IRONICALLY, the plan is a stripclub crawl. WHAT. I've never been a fan of stripclubs, and I'm obviously not trying to see fake titillation now.

I'll be alright though; at least it's real women, and I'll be macking on real women with me. Maintain focus on the plan. Rebooting is AWESOME, no PMOF is AWESOME, healing is THE BOMB.


Have you ever been HAMMERED by urges to MO for days at a time...yet didn't succumb? DO TELL!

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Hi folks, I'd love to get your opinions and advice...

This is Day 15 since one PMO...which was preceded by a week of tons of sex with a sweet lady.

Strangely, I'm not really craving porn. Maybe a little fantasy creeping in. But deeeeeamn, I am STRUGGLING with the urge to MO! In fact, yesterday I got into it with some lotion, but miraculously just stopped and got up.

Does making out help, or harm, my reboot?

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I'm PMOF-free presently, but certainly have a lot of time left in my reboot.

I was with 1 lady for a long time. That's been over for a while, and soon I'm going to be in clubs/bars, picking up/dating massively.

I think I understand that I should hold off on hardcore stuff with women. PMO or not, I'm not often into one-night stands... Date #3 seems like a good time to start sex usually. USED to, at least, before PMOF got me!

Back up in your @$$ with the resurrection>>>

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(Anybody catch that reference?)

Hello, just FYI, I'm baaaaack and re-Rebooting.
I had been non-PMOF for 40 days, truly relapsed for 12 days, and now I'm here.
I learned a lot in those 12 days, and got my computer locked down way harder.

I've broadened my escape to include general Internet addiction, a.k.a. PIU (pathological internet use). I came to see (as Marnia & Gary have pointed out) that the surfing, checking, and fiddling around (EVEN with THIS SITE) enacts Porn behaviours. It's like Internet porn is of the same TYPE as general Internet abuse, but of a more intense DEGREE.

Possession, and an apology

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In my couple months on here, I know I've been a little cocky, perplexed by all the talk about Everyone Will Relapse Often, and thinking I might have The Method to never relapse.

Well, hot on the heels of
I must confess that I went down the rabbit hole of extensive relapse.

Around 10pm, I talked with my girl about some probably inevitable stuff that we've both been avoiding (not PMO related, c'mon now!).

After that I felt a dark cloud coming over me.

Nevertheless...MO experiment shows Reboot to be a SUCCESS [D38]

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Wow. I think my Reboot is complete!
I took Marnia's advice, and tested with an experiment in sensual masturbation. I PASSED. Hahaaa

Yeah, I basically just had extreme pelvic energy going on today, going mental. I studied the signs of Reboot completion, and it applied, so I lay back and did it up.

No porn, no fantasy, in fact I kept my eyes wide open the whole time, keep it 100% present.

It was over in 2 minutes! I could've extended and edged, but I just flung myself into the void, enjoying the regained sensitivity vs. my previous need for extreme stimulation.

Day 31: Are you like me?

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Hey folks, could you peep this, and let me know your thoughts?

Short version:
I'm 33.
I did MO from age 12.
Started having plenty of sex at age 17.
Got my first porn magazine at age 19.
Kept having girlfriends, using mags (the same ones!) bi-weekly until getting unfettered Internet at 25.
From there, PMO ramped (whilst having wonderful girlfriends), culminating in 2 or 3 times daily, hours at a time when I'm not with the girl, you know the drill.