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Setting Realistic goals....

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If you look at majority of the blogs/posts here, they are about failures/relapses. Just a handful of them are 100% success stories.

You go without PMO for 7,14,21 days....maybe a few months if you try really hard. Eventually you relapse and then what happens? I am not trying to be negative, just realistic.

A few months back, I had an epiphany. It's not rocket science, it's something I had known all along but was stubborn not to implement it.

Is fantasizing necessary to find love/relationship?

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In my quest to reduce PMO, I have realized that fantasies are the biggest trigger for my relapses. When I am doing well on my PMO goals, the occasional fantasy makes me weak. They either tease me or tempt me or frustrate me ( because it's not happening in real life) and I end up relapsing.

So I am trying to minimize/eliminate fantasizing about women/love/sex etc as much as possible.

My only worry is, will this also reduce my motivation/desire to approach or pursue relationships with real women ?

What are your thoughts on massages etc

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So I was doing pretty great on day 17 of no PMO.

Unfortunately I had a heavy workout in the morning and muscles were really sore - to the point that I had a headache. I badly needed a massage and figured that since I am paying for one, might as well get one of those happy ending massages. I thought since I am with a woman, it wouldn't count as a relapse.

The positive effect is I did get a happy ending - which was an alltime first for me with a woman, so that was progress. However, the next day it resulted in chaser effect and multiple solo relapses.

What is the longest you guys have gone without MO ?

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So I relapsed yesterday after 7 days and I am trying to stay positive. There are times like these when you wonder if abstaining from masturbation is really possible ?

The longest I have been able to go without MO has been 10 days. I would like to know what is the longest the others have been able to go without MO? It would make the rest of us feel positive if we knew it was a feasible goal.Also does it become easier/tougher to control as time progresses ?

Wet dream and unstoppable libido after just 2 days !

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I last relapsed on Thursday - that too a couple of times.

Last night dreamt that I relapsed again and I was upset because I wet my boxers. When I woke up I realized it was just a wet dream.Unlike some others on this board, I actually see wet dream as a sign of progress.

More importantly I had the biggest morning wood I have had in months ( if not years).It just wouldnt go away .I had a nice workout after that and been feeling horny all the time ( and loving every moment of it)

Since I had relapsed only a couple of days back it didnt make any sense except -

Day 8/30 - perfect timing too

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The last time I lapsed to MOE was on 24th December. As usual I got depressed and decided to change my goal from 0 MOE for life to 30-day 0 MOE.
I believe this will reduce the chaser effect. Even if I relapse, I still have another shot at the goal, I just have to reset the clock.

Day 1 & 2 were spent in depression and overanalysis - as expected since I have been through that phase before.