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If you look at majority of the blogs/posts here, they are about failures/relapses. Just a handful of them are 100% success stories.

You go without PMO for 7,14,21 days....maybe a few months if you try really hard. Eventually you relapse and then what happens? I am not trying to be negative, just realistic.

A few months back, I had an epiphany. It's not rocket science, it's something I had known all along but was stubborn not to implement it.

All my life, I had been setting goals that were too tough resulting in temporary successes but eventual failures. Apart from that, their lack of success was also making me miserable. Couple of months back, I decided to make my goals easier, so I would not get overwhelmed and my life practically changed overnight.

I applied the same concept to PMO. I had been trying to quit for 2 years without success. I would go days,weeks and then one relapse would bring me back to my old habits.I think the chaser effect has more to do with goal failure than PMO specifically. When you have been doing PMO on an almost daily basis for 20 years, a single relapse is enough to shatter your confidence into failure.

So, I changed my PMO goal to something easier and realistic. I had earlier gone for 3 weeks without PMO when I was trying to quit. So I figured twice a week would be something I could easily manage.I allow myself to PMO only once each on Sunday & Thursday. While that might seem a lot, it's still just 20% of what I used to do before - around 10x a week.

While anything other than 0 PMO might not be ideal, I feel a 20% consistent success rate is more effective than going 100% for a month and then relapsing daily.

Already I am seeing effects that are almost as good as 0 PMO. While there was a time when I could not get it up even when I was intimate with a girl, these days I get hard just looking at a pretty girl on the street or on the train...and without even fantasizing. My erections have definitely become bigger, I didnt even know I had it in me. I have seen rapid hair growth ( and not just on my head, which can be a little annoying but in a feel-good way. I have so much energy these days, I barely sleep 6 hours and wake up before the alarm goes off.

So just wanted to advise other fellow members who might be trying to quit. If you cannot find success after long time,try to wean off it gradually than quit completely.

( I might want to add, I have also started working out regularly especially doing barbell squats, bench press & deadlifts. These might be magnifying the benefits of PMO reduction)