Day 76 first milestone

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No more than 5 minutes ago i had my first spontaneous erection. Fully aware, fully awake. Granted, it was at about 75-80%, but damn it was good to see it come and go in that 5 mins. Wasn't really thinking about sex either. Just reading posts on this site. Don't think I am quite flatlining, but not necessarly buzzing with libido ya know?

I think I am finally breaking out of the cycle of high highs and low low's. Raging libido to dead flatline. It is, how everyone says, evening out. Day 76 and my first truly significant sign of recovery, even if it was shortlived and nothing special, I take it as my first step into rewiring.

Which HOPEFULLY means my unwire is done. Which HOPEFULLY means no more flatlines.

Anyway, had to drop by and update you guys. Day 90 is so close it's unreal. Couldn't have been this long already.

Best of luck!


great job man

I turned the corner around the same day as you and I haven't gone into a flatline again. My brain feels kind of "softer". Can't really explain it, but you might find out what I mean. Been having more night/spontaneous erections for sure, but nothing super raging. Beware the noble fantasy focused on intimacy!! I found myself fantasizing a lot more for a day or two, then fought off a wet dream the following night (like, I realized what was happening in the dream and woke myself up before it occurred). I wouldn't necessarily get super keyed up about Day 90- I consistently feel probably 5-8% better right now than I did when I was on Day 76 and there have been some stretches of hours where I've felt fantastic, but I still think I have a ways to go (though I could probably start the re-wiring process right now if I eased into it). My plan is another month with no PMO, then start rewiring around Day 120 depending on how I'm feeling.

All the things you've been doing to actively fight the problem, do them harder. Exercise has been crucial in me feeling consistently better after turning the corner.

I feel like we are identical

I feel like we are identical twins in our reboot then cause I feel 100% of what you just described. fantasy has creeped into my head again. nothin outrageous. but when girls try to sext me like this one girl right now, i am not quite as sensitive to it as i used to be but it defiitely triggers fantasy. just got to avoid that. yea i really don't feel anything to write home about. just finally noticing small differences. I have had the oppurtunity to rewire all the way through my reboot. It's just i turned down sex every time the clothes came off becuase i was not turned on or even remotely hard. day 90 is not far away at all and i wouldn't be surprised if i was 5-8% better myself by then.

keep me posted man. it's good to know i have a similar reboot.