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First time on this site in a while...

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I'm currently at three works without P and M and things are going pretty well. The temptation hasn't been as strong of late, and things like distracting myself with writing, playing video games, and more time spent with my wife are helping a lot. I plan on rewarding myself at 30 days by buying myself a little something I usually wouldn't spend money on, and then will be shooting for 60 days!

3 weeks without P or M

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It's been 3 weeks without P or M, which is the longest stretch in at least a year or so. I haven't really noticed any physical effects yet, but do feel some sense of accomplishment, and feel a little less tempted now. I want to get to the point where my body will respond normally to natural and normal stimuli.

Fighting a fetish

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I'm a man in my early thirties who as been without porn or masturbation for a little over two weeks now (my wife and I had sex once in that period of time). It's going well in terms of avoiding temptation, but I haven't had a recovery of my libido (spontaneous or longer lasting erections).

Just past 14 days

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I'm just past 14 days without porn or masturbation, and it already feels like it's making a significant difference in my sexual response to my wife. This is the longest I've gone in a while, and it feels quite good. I was worried about my age in resetting (I'm in my early thirties), but I'm surprised I'm already seeing results.

9 days with an asterisk

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I'm currently porn and masturbation free for 9 days* (the longest in a while). I put an asterisk next to it because I did look at pictures of somewhat scantily clad women one day for a minute or two. I also haven't abstained from orgasm because my wife and I had sex. It's a little tough because I want her to know how attracted I am to her, but at the moment, I still need to rely on fantasy to get hard. In any case, 9 days with an asterisk feels like progress.

Self-loathing aplenty

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I really hate myself today. I've been okay at minimizing my porn usage, and had some good sex with my wife as a result, but today, on a vacation day, I spend about four + hours just on sex chat sites. I chose this over other more productive stuff I enjoy doing, like writing, and even other "bad" habits like playing video games.

I sometimes feel like I can't stop. I tried OpenDNS to block these sites, but it doesn't work with my wireless setup. I don't know what to do besides feel like a piece of shit.