Self-loathing aplenty

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I really hate myself today. I've been okay at minimizing my porn usage, and had some good sex with my wife as a result, but today, on a vacation day, I spend about four + hours just on sex chat sites. I chose this over other more productive stuff I enjoy doing, like writing, and even other "bad" habits like playing video games.

I sometimes feel like I can't stop. I tried OpenDNS to block these sites, but it doesn't work with my wireless setup. I don't know what to do besides feel like a piece of shit.


We can control our feelings

From my recent experience , relapsing after a "successful" re-boot that began last fall, I don't think "hating" yourself or "feeling like sh*t" is going to help one bit. I know it is natural to draw inward and feel bad...this is usually associated with guilt. Guilt and self-loathing are negative, they won't help you move forward. Guilt is associated with the "past" and makes being in the present impossible. It is only the present we have control over.

What about your positives, cutting down on your P usage, great sex with your wife...this is awesome. Congratulate yourself on these , don't beat yourself down.

Be strong!