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Day seventy-five.

In the midst of a MASSIVE flatline period. Maybe it was because I MO’d too much, or perhaps because I went too close to porn on my forays into the net. Either way I went from extreme horniness and constant arousal for nearly a month, to flatline within eight hours of sleep. Still no PMO. I feel like I awoke a different person, and it isn’t a pleasant feeling. I hope the effects I was noticing weren’t only from stockpiling my sexual energy and were changes in my brain. I would rather not wait fifty days every time I want to have sex. Two weeks ago I felt like a wolf, now I feel like a eunuch. In this time I've also got a handle on some other bad habits of mine, and things are actually going alright. Well, gotta keep walking the path. One foot in front of the other.


it will pass

who knows how long it will take, but it's a good process for you that will work its way and let you free yourself from porn. You'll feel like a wolf again in no time.