Approaching the Window

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So, I'm at day 27 no PM (had a wet dream one time, so I Oed). At this point during the last streak I was grinding my teeth and bearing the worst cravings of my life. I caved at 29 days and PMOed because I just couldn't stand it anymore.

Right now I feel dang good. The cravings that led to the fall last time started around day 20 or 22 I think. I've been sailing through it all this time. I feel like I can run right past my all time record of 34 days no P this time. The longest I've ever made it with no M was 29 days.

Some of you know that a friend and I are working on a mini series for his Bible study class. It's all about porn use and addiction and ways to recover. We're approaching it largely from the biological perspective and using YBOP heavily for our material. Researching and creating this program has REALLY destroyed any desire to use porn. When I think about my favorite porn scenes, they seem so ridiculous and I can't imagine enjoying them ever again.

On another note, I see women in a respect in which I've never seen them. They're just freaking beautiful. I want one.


Me too

I want one, too. A pretty one with a sense of humor who will Karezza my brains out.

Good luck with your project! It will help so many guys.