Day 5

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Well, the woman I talked about in yesterday's blog entry called me tonight and claimed not to have been bothered at all with my comments. She actually said she enjoyed our visit and suggested I call her in the future. I don't get it. It's almost like I'm going to have to turn off all of my sensitivities and stop looking for clues because there aren't any or the ones I'm seeing I'm totally misinterpreting. Another possibility is that the women I've encountered so far are terrific bs artists. It could be any of these but no one is being straight with me. That feeling is unmistakeable.
Oh, well practice makes ...with women I don't know what practice makes. I have another lunch date tomorrow and a dinner date on Saturday night. Sink or swim. Gurgle, gurgle...


that's very nice progress

BS is what people put out at the beginning. It's how we're built. Nothing wrong with that. 

Put on your empathy hat for a second. Women that age are often feeling like men all want younger women and are passing them over. So these women are extremely suspicious of men and their motives, and have a lot of defensiveness. It makes sense, right? In our world, everyone thinks that older men want younger women, and what does that leave to a woman over 50? The dregs? 

I'm convinced that men have it MUCH easier for that reason. I think if you really understand what they are going through, you can probably find a lot more understanding and empathy with their behavior which no longer seems odd.

My speculation is, that this woman thought about what you had said on the date, and realized that she should give you "another chance" because you ain't so bad.

Just keep on going on dates, this is excellent for you in terms of what your brain wants to recover from ED and porn problems. So you're doing wonderful things with your life.