Days 70 and 71 (Today)

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Yesterday was quite a day. I went to breakfast at one of the local bagel shops and while eating I read the local weekly paper. I'm sure there is one in most metropolitan areas in the country. It's the one with all the concerts, plays and art exhibits for the week. Well, I discovered that the art school in town had two plays showing last night. I went to one of them, by myself and felt very good about it. Nothing happened but I showed up. I was proud of myself. The play was full of angst and pretty depressing but really, what was I expecting given that it was put on by college art students. There were a few (maybe one) attractive women/woman in attendance. It didn't matter to me. I now know that I don't need a date to be "out and about". I wasn't embarrassed being by myself at all. I plan to do it again soon. Maybe a concert next time.

I also did my weight workout at the Y and then rode the stationary bike 3.4 miles. The last time I rode the bike (Wednesday) I did 1.8 miles. There was a very attractive woman using one of the walking machines while I rode my bike. She was surrounded by guys like me however, and had her headphones on which I assume meant "don't bother me, I'm working out". She was really getting after it, too. It would be nice to see her again in the future and speak to her if the opportunity is there.

Today I had little contact with people other than my golf buddies. The wind was howling and it was cold and we played poorly but had a good time doing it laughing a lot. Sleep last night was fitful with dreams, most of which I can no longer remember. (I know I had a confrontation with Satan in one of them.) No morning erections. Nocturnal erections still show up periodically. My penis seems larger at rest than it did before and my testicles seem weightier. Things are generally good.


Happy Ending

The protagonist, a woman, was raped by her brother (simulated, on stage), murdered her husband (same), had been sexually abused by her preacher father, and abandoned her new born daughter to a voodoo practicing woman who lived in the same neighborhood in Memphis. PLUS, it was 2 1/2 hours long and the seats were folding chairs. Despite all this, I enjoyed the night out. Amazing!